Despite Our Nature

by Guided Through Darkness

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we’ll pave the way
with every step we take
only hindered by the chains
that don’t forgive our mistakes

chains that were forged
in the fires of misguided hearts
they weren’t always this harsh

but now
now I see
this is our fate to stay and fight
for the weak

we’ll pave the way
with every step that we take
we’ll pave the way and find direction
in our strife

we drink from the well
but we can always tell
that there’s poison in the water
we drink knowing that we’ll never recover

but we will question
how long the river runs ’til we just run it dry
can you see your reflections?

run dry
run dry
run it dry with reasons why

we are the poison and the cure
we’re the poison, we’re the poisoned

sometimes I still believe


released March 29, 2015



all rights reserved